“Have you ever taken feedbacks from Pankaj Kapoor for your kissing scenes?” Asks Kapil Sharma to Shahid Kapoor on TKSS

Shahid Kapoor came to The Kapil Sharma Show last weekend with Mrunal Thakur to promote their upcoming film Jersey. This is also the movie where the actor will be seen sharing the screen with his father Pankaj Kapoor.

Kapil Sharma asked Shahid if he takes feedback from Pankaj after scenes to which he replied, “I ask him. But it is not his nature to comment on others’ acting. I think it is because he is such a superior actor that he finds others’ acting very bad. He must be thinking that he can’t explain so much to the other person, so it’s better to just praise.”

He also added that “He is so good as an actor that it doesn’t make sense to ask him. For him, it will always be a bad shot. But sometimes, he says that he liked what I did. And it’s very special for me.”

Kapil afterwards inquired if Shahid takes feedbacks from his dad for kissing scenes to which the actor replied, “Tell me one thing. I am doing such a scene and my dad is present there, why will this happen?”