Biggest controversies of Abhishek Bachchan that stunned Bollywood

Junior Bachchan has seen his own fair share of controversies that made him somewhere down under the Bollywood hot shot list. Here are some.




Like many other actors, he has also been involved in affairs controversy. He dated Karisma Kapoor (Actress), Rani Mukherji (Actress), Dipannita Sharma (Model and Actress), Aishwarya Rai (Actress). But now he married and settled with Aishwarya.


Honeymoon Trouble

After Abhishek went on honeymoon director Mani Ratnam and Rani Mukherji were unhappy. Because Abhishek missed award show, which was given in honour of Mani Ratnam Guru movie. Rani was unhappy because Abhishek missed shooting for Rani and Abhishek’s movie “Laaga Chunari Mein Daag”.


Fake Suicide Attempt

After his marriage model and dancer Jhanvi Kapoor, was tried to cut her hand and do suicide in front of Abhishek’s house. She said she was in a relationship with Abhishek from Dus(2005) movie shooting also she is the mother of Abhishek child. But all allegations found fake


Wedding guest list

Rani Mukherjee and Kapoor sisters(Kareena and Karishma) were not invited because Karishma and Rani were ex-girlfriends of Abhishek. Also, Hrithik Roshan was not invited because of the lip-lock scene of Hrithik and Aishwarya from Doom 2.


Twitter Wars

Abhishek is always hated and trolled for his acting. There are so many people who think Abhishek got fame and success because of his family background. There is a user on Twitter who always troll and hate Abhishek. But Abhishek has seen defend himself with courage.