B’day boy, BTS singer V once revealed his father had a conception dream featuring a dragon

BTS singer V turned 26 on Thursday, December 30.

The singer had revealed a couple of times that his father had a dream in which he beat a dragon and won a precious stone in return.

In the Korean tradition, either the mother-to-be or people who are close to the soon-to-be-born baby get the taemong. These dreams are believed to foretell the conception or birth of a child, the gender or their destiny.

Revealing the fact, the singer said “My father had a bet with a dragon playing pool and won. He received a magic pearl and I came out of it.”

BTS army across the globe have come up with different birthday projects to showcase their love for V on the occasion of his born day. In India, a group had rented out billboards in different cities to play birthday ads for him.