Five Reasons why ‘All of us Strangers’ Deserves A Spot In Your Weekend Plans

All of us Strangers, directed by Andrew Haigh carries immense emotional depth and captivating cinematography. The film delves into themes of regret and longing, making it a heartfelt and relatable experience. The film is set to hit the screens on 8th March 2024 at your nearest PVR INOX theatre. The film stars the talented Irish actors Andrew Scott and Paul Mescal as Adam and Harry, two queer English neighbours in the bustling city of London. Their tender romance intertwines with raw confessions and stories of familial sorrow, creating a compelling narrative. Here is why you should add ‘All of us strangers’ to your watch list this weekend.

  1. A Visual Treat

While conveying a profound narrative brimming with emotion, cinematography has taken centre stage in All of Us Strangers. Every frame is imbued with a delicate texture of romance and intimacy between the characters, unveiling the dark aspects of both past and present. Adam is consistently drawn into the past by his memories, where cinematographer Jamie D. Ramsay has intricately crafted each scene with warmth and dream-like encounters, with sunlight pouring in through every window, enveloping and illuminating the surroundings.

  1. Epic Portrayals

The movie’s biggest strength is its four main performances. They not only support the drama but also reflect each other in touching and often sad ways. Andrew Scott’s thoughtful acting grounds the cast, showing a character looking for brief moments of comfort. The scenes with Adam and his parents, though not real, feel genuine and charming in their portrayal. Harry, brought to life by Mescal’s charm and mischievous grin, is a younger resident in the high-rise. One evening, in a state of inebriation, he unexpectedly arrives at Adam’s door and makes himself at home, sparking an unexpected and intriguing connection between the two characters.

  1. An imaginative twist on the fantasy genre

Themes of magic, adventure, and the timeless battle of good versus evil often dominate the best fantasy movies. However, concepts like grief, pain, loss, loneliness, and yearning are rarely explored in fantasy narratives, and when they are, they seldom take centre stage. Enter All of Us Strangers, a genre film that skilfully blends its fantasy elements with a universal tale of longing that resonates with many. While maintaining its dramatic core, All of Us Strangers boldly embraces its fantasy origins, weaving a mystical narrative of the supernatural connections that unite us, whether we realise it or not.

  1. A Plethora of emotional themes

All of Us Strangers, is a powerful film that beautifully explores themes of sorrow and longing, while also celebrating the strength that comes from embracing these emotions. It has a unique ability to deeply connect with viewers and leave a lasting impact. With its compelling storytelling and universal appeal, All of Us Strangers offers an enriching viewing experience that will linger in the hearts of audiences for years.

  1. Adaption of Japanese Novel

Based on the 1987 Japanese ghost story ‘Strangers’ by Yamada Taichi, All of Us Strangers, takes a different approach compared to the 1988 adaptation ‘The Discarnates’ by filmmaker Nobuhiko Obayashi, which focused more on horror. While Haigh’s film doesn’t stray from the novel’s main elements, it offers a fresh perspective. It explores how grief and memories affect Adam, a screenwriter struggling to write about his parents who passed away 30 years ago, ultimately revealing a deeply moving and introspective narrative.